I haven’t posted anything recently… 

Annabelle has just been very good. I don’t know if I’m getting more patient or if she’s starting to get it.

Or she’s plotting. 

I’m suspicious


Words cannot describe the heartbreak I just experienced when cutting my dog’s nails. I was cutting them all the same, being so careful, and somehow, SNIP! into the quick. She whimpered and I saw blood and now I’m almost crying.

I went to clean it off in the bathroom and she was so patient with me, not whining or running away. It was bleeding so bad; I must have cut it good. 

I’m panicking, about to cry, reading remedies online, making a mess on the floor by sticking her paw in flour….

… And she can sense I’m upset, so she puts her head to mine to comfort me

I don’t know what to say.


Annabelle cleaned herself up (she did a much better job than I did) and is happily napping where she can see me. She was a trooper. I was the one freaking out like a little bitch.

I am absolutely stunned with the speed in which Annabelle destroys things. She was chewing on her leash for no more than 2 minutes, and now it’s held together by a few threads.

Riding in cars with dogs.

Annabelle is no exception to the general rule that dogs love wind in their face.

She is too afraid to stick her head out the window, which is totally fine with me because I’m afraid she will jump out for some reason. I’ve got her on the leash here. 

Every now and then she will get nervous on corners, or turn around and put her head on my shoulder instead of out the window, but she is a great riding dog. 

I actually took back roads instead of the highway on this trip so I could drive slower and she could stick her head out. I’M AN AWESOME HUMAN FRIEND.

Annabelle has trouble making friends.

You know, most dogs would get out from under the towel, not wear it as a fashion statement.

Annabelle, that’s inappropriate.

Annabelle, that’s inappropriate.

Annabelle vs Pounce the cat (roommate’s pet). This is one of their milder confrontations. Surprisingly enough, Annabelle actually wasn’t antagonizing the poor cat this time.

Walking with Annabelle

Walking with Annabelle is an adventure

She is worse than Manny the squirrel on Over The Hedge.

Here are some interesting things we found.

Satan wuz herre.


Robin’s egg! So pretty.

Oooh the inside is pretty funky.

The walk was sufficient, I suppose.

I was taking my friend’s dogs outside after I had just let Annabelle out. Annabelle forces herself through the door as I’m opening it, and proceeds to NOT run away, but just run circles around us until the dogs were done. Then she pranced inside and fell asleep.